Hey there! I'm Gegy. 👋

I'm a software developer from South Africa. My passions lie largely within Minecraft, which I have been modding since 2012!

Currently working as an Engineer on Minecraft: Java Edition at Mojang Studios.

My Work


Love Tropics ❤

I collaborate as an organizer on Love Tropics, a weekend-long annual charity livestream event that takes place within Minecraft.


I helped start Nucleoid: an effort to build a fully open-source minigames server on modern versions of Minecraft.


I collaborate on Tropicraft, a mod that adds a tropical dimension into your Minecraft world.


Magic ✨

A magic mod where you cast spells by drawing in the air.


Colored Lights

An experimental compromise solution to colored lighting in Minecraft. Although the solution is not perfect and does have noticeable issues, it achieves the general effect with minimal performance impact.



Terrarium is a mod that combines various GIS data sources to produce an accurate recreation of the Earth within Minecraft.


Tic-TACS replaces Minecraft's chunk loading system (a.k.a "TACS") to reduce overhead, improve performance, and allow for distributing chunk loading over multiple threads.


I worked on Vertex, a chat platform written in Rust that intends to be end-to-end encrypted, decentralised, and federated without compromising usability for the user.


The Midnight

I helped develop The Midnight for MMD's 2018 SpookyJam, which introduces a mysterious and scary dimension full of strange terrain and glowing vegetation.


Practical Space Fireworks

I worked on Practical Space Fireworks for ModJam 2018. The mod allows you build to a satellite and rocket out of blocks, and then launch it into space where it can perform various tasks for you.


Flower-OS is a small learning operating system written in Rust.



Slyther is an implementation of the slither.io browser-game client written in Java using LWJGL.


Qubble is a graphical interface for building Minecraft entity models that can be exported for use within mods.


I worked on JurassiCraft: a mod involving the creation of various prehistoric creatures and plants from DNA which is extracted from fossils in the ground.


Wearables is an entry for ModOff which introduces a set of highly customizable items that the player can wear for either aesthetic or functional purposes.